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Unleash your creativity.

Create your own digital signage solutions with Flypaper.

You’re in control now.

From content creation to management, you make the calls.

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Need a Custom Solution?

We are here to help guide you through your ultimate digital signage fantasy.

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It just works—our solutions are reliable, efficient and easy to use. You’ll be producing professional looking content in no time.

Cutting Edge

From software to hardware, we make sure you’re using the latest technology available. This is digital management made easy. Need killer graphics? We’ve got that covered too.


We offer a turnkey solution that works with your budget. Less highway robbery, more first class service.

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Show and Tell

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, so we thought we’d make you read less and just show you some examples of Flypaper.

What We Offer

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Digital Signs

Every industry can benefit from digital signage. It’s an easy way to connect directly with your customers. Work with Flypaper, and you’ll never settle for a boring picture slideshow again. After all, you’re trying to sell something, not looking at your mother-in-law’s vacation photos for the tenth time. Let us help you create high-energy media that resonates with your customers and drives sales.

Digital Kiosks

Total solutions—that’s what we do here. We’ve got you covered from software and design to custom enclosed cabinetry for your kiosk. And you always have our full support on every project. We create web-based HTML5 designs, so you can take the information you need anywhere. For example, save valuable retail space by using a kiosk to drive sales of products that aren’t available in store.

Digital Menus

Grab attention and drive sales with a slick, multiscreen digital menu system. Not to peer pressure you or anything, but more and more food service industry folk are moving toward digital menus. Stay ahead of the pack with our highly effective content driven digital menu boards. Use our eye-catching screens to focus attention on high margin items, and watch your profits increase. Plus, customer satisfaction goes up when you implement easy-to-read digital menus.

Digital Dreams Do Come True

Need a custom solution? We’re ready for the challenge. If you don’t see a product that meets your needs, please feel free to contact us about your idea or strategy. We’d love to see if we can make that dream come true with custom web design, internal digital bulletin boards, interactive directories, video walls… whatever it takes!

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