The easiest way to create multi-touch, interactive or
motion graphics content for digital signage
Flypaper 3.10 Upgrade Includes Additional Integration with Flypaper CMS
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Flypaper CMS
With the NEW Flypaper CMS, it’s as easy to manage your digital content as it is to create it!
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Flypaper Go
Introducing Flypaper Go! End-to-End Content Creation, Management and Delivery Solution. (Learn More)
Flypaper 3.9 Upgrade Includes QR Codes for Increased Consumer Engagement
Upgrade to version 3.9 today to add these and other new and enhanced capabilities to your digital displays. (Learn More)


Digital Signage Software

Flypaper is the leading Flash Digital Signage Solution that empowers programmers and non-programmers alike to create, edit, share, track and reuse high-impact video content. Our Digital Signage enables the rapid development of video or interactive digital signage content and allows anyone to edit and manipulate components without touching programming code. Output from the application rivals the interactivity and quality of custom Flash development, but in a fraction of time and cost typically associated with such projects. Try our Flash Digital Signage Solution today.


Flypaper's Digital Signage Software

The digital signage software from Flypaper is a award winning software. The latest version of our Flash Digital Signage Software includes significant rich-media features focused for creative and content development agencies and enterprise users who are creating creative animation projects such as interactive kiosks, marketing, sales and training content. The new Flypaper Digital Signage software platform makes it even easier to create large scale, high-impact animations for a fraction of the time and cost typically associated with such projects. Get a free trial of the Flypaper digital signage software today.


Enterprise Digital Signage Software

Flypaper's digital signage player is a stable and fast solution. Our player was built from the ground up to process animations quickly and with little loss in quality. Feel confident that you're using the latest digital signage player available. Consider Flypaper for your next touch screen Digital Signage Software project.


Digital Signage Software for your business

Many companies face the challenge to produce quality digital signage graphics and animations. Now Flypaper's digital signage software ensures you have everything you need to produce the best interactive kiosk or touch screen digital signage experience possible