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Flypaper for Agencies

A creative, profitable solution for your Flash projects. A big win for your clients.

Flypaper provides a unique opportunity for design firms and agencies to offer new value to their clients. Now you can create high-impact, interactive projects faster and more affordably than ever before, and you can finally empower clients to make edits and reuse content themselves. That means you become the hero, while they get every project done and then some.

Why Flypaper

With Flypaper, your agency can:

  • Focus more on creating great content and less on coding and project management
  • Collaborate and track project edits and approvals
  • Streamline production and change management
  • Edit and reuse any project or component without touching more code
  • Store and share digital assets to reuse across the agency or with clients
  • Lock content elements to help clients protect their brand and message
  • Empower clients to make edits and updates themselves
  • Help clients get ROI from every project with faster timelines and detailed viewer tracking


By offering the Flypaper platform to your clients, you gain a distinct advantage over competitors: get more done faster and more affordably, reuse project content, track the success of each project, and much more. Take a look at all that Flypaper has to offer.



Spend more time creating fantastic Flash content and less time on technical hassles.

More than ever, time is money. Flypaper saves you time so you can design more and get more projects done to make more money. Creating interactive content has never been easier, and editing and reusing your creations has never been possible for your clients... until now.

No More Plumbing

  • Expedite project delivery and improve productivity
  • Reduce your overall costs
  • Collaborate offline or in real-time to streamline the concept stage, project reviews and approvals
  • Eliminate version control and edit tracking issues
  • Empower clients to update and reuse projects and manage basic maintenance in-house
  • Ask a question and get answers. We've got an active user forum and a helpful support team that you can contact any time.

Built for Content Creators.

Flypaper was built specifically with Flash content creators in mind. You spend time on creating great content and finally empower customers to collaborate, edit and reuse every project to realize maximum ROI. The Flypaper platform is intuitive and easy to learn, yet feature-rich and powerful enough to satisfy the demands of advanced content creators.

Content Creators

  • Deliver ROI for your clients with professionally developed content that can be edited and repurposed
  • Easily bring Flash components into Flypaper and determine what elements clients can edit

Easily extend and track your Flash content.

Lower the cost of development and extend your Flash investment with Flypaper. Our unique platform lets you easily repurpose and reuse Flash elements to save time and money, giving you the power to pass on efficiencies to your clients.

Why Flypaper

  • Create high-impact Flash content for less
  • Simplify and speed the creation of Flash content for eLearning, sales presentations, electronic brochures, websites, event marquees, corporate kiosks, and more
  • Publish content in a variety of digital formats and track detailed viewer activity with the Flypaper Dashboard so you can learn how employees, customers, investors and prospects are consuming your content
  • Store all your Flash assets in a central location for easy access, sharing and collaboration

How It Works

Create Flash content faster than ever. Pass savings and power onto your clients. Focus on being creative instead of debugging code.

The Flypaper platform was specifically designed to simplify and speed the creation of interactive content for creative agencies.

How Does It Work

  • Create a Flash project Create a Flash project. Get creative. Design content however you want. Projects no longer need to be limited by time, budget or capability – anything is possible.
  • Bring it into Flypaper Bring it into Flypaper.Use the component SDK to build Flash elements into the Flypaper Platform where they can be edited and reused. You determine what elements clients can edit and importing is easy.
  • Pass it on Pass it on. Give clients a demo on how to edit the project in Flypaper. They may not need to know every feature, but a quick tour on basic edits, how to publish content and on tracking viewer activity will help get them to be more self-sufficient… and get you onto the next project.
  • Turn more projects, make more money Turn more projects, make more money. Creating with Flypaper is faster and easier than ever. You get more projects done. Clients enjoy quicker results without sacrificing quality. Everyone can collaborate, edit and reuse. More ROI for clients equals more projects for you.
  • Leave the support to us… if you want Leave the support to us… if you want. You may be proficient enough to offer clients support, but there’s comfort knowing our expert development team is here if you need them. You or your clients can reach us via email at, and everyone gets regular product updates, complete help files and other support resources to make every project a success from start to finish.

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