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About Flypaper

Whether you are an agency, Flash developer or corporate user, Flypaper gives you the power to leverage interactive content like never before.

Flypaper is a Flash content management platform that allows you to easily create, edit, share, collaborate on and track interactive content no matter where it’s published. Flypaper users can select from hundreds of professionally designed templates and sample presentations that can be downloaded, customized and reused endlessly.

The Flypaper platform offers a single user option, and an enterprise solution – and both versions include a robust feature set to accommodate virtually any project need.

Deliver compelling marketing initiatives before the competition. Complete projects quicker. Provide unique value to your clients. Flypaper enables you to create, track, share, edit and reuse Interactive content –saving you valuable production time and expense.

We’re excited, passionate and ready to change the game

Our Company

Flypaper was created to simplify and speed the creation of interactive content – and grew into something much more. Today the platform offers a robust feature set – from the Flypaper Creator application for making great, interactive content – to the Flypaper Creator Pro edition featuring the repository, component SDK, the online dashboard, a web-based editor and a host of features that make it fast and fun to make rich content that can be shared, edited and reused. Flypaper Connect, a line of elements that provide dynamic content by connecting to outside sources for changing data, is another innovative expansion as is Flypaper Flying Start, a unique program that combines initial content creation services and product training. The introduction of Flypaper CMS makes the platform a complete digital content solution by expanding beyond content creation to include content management, scheduling and monitoring. Flypaper is truly changing the game for Flash developers, creative agencies and businesses that view interactive content as an important piece of their communications plans.

Focused Vision

Our entire focus is on empowering interactive content creators to become more efficient and effective. We connect with and have on staff designers, developers and business users to make sure the Flypaper platform is meeting and beating expectations, and to plan for new features.


We’ve already won a number of industry awards in the short time since our launch, and we continue to work at improving the Flypaper experience for every user. Our product is robust and feature-rich, yet easy to learn and highly intuitive – which is why it’s changing the game for content creators everywhere.