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Flypaper for Developers

Deliver high-quality, editable content in a Flash.

The Flypaper API and Component Builder SDK give developers the power to deliver Flash components to their clients that can be edited by other Flypaper users. This comprehensive development kit and easy interface frees you to create more high-quality content by eliminating the need to manage tedious content updates after the project is finished. It also extends your development projects by creating the opportunity for reuse, and delivers unique value to your clients.

Flash Developers



All the creative, none of the hassles.

Flypaper was built specifically with Flash content creators in mind. Since Flypaper allows you to expedite development and empowers your customers to edit, reuse and track the Flash elements you create, your time is freed to focus on high-end, advanced coding, solving business challenges, and the highly creative elements you enjoy.

Ready to Extend

  • Expedite prototyping and project delivery to increase productivity
  • Create and develop editable Flash components using our comprehensive component SDK and API
  • Easily edit, reuse and track all the Flash programs you create
  • Free developers to spend more time perfecting the Flash content with rapid development and editing of routine elements
  • Focus on creating great content instead of debugging code
  • Reduce revision cycles by empowering clients to edit their own content

Easily extend and track your Flash content.

Lower the cost of development and extend your Flash investment with Flypaper. Our unique platform lets you easily repurpose and reuse Flash elements to save time and money, and allows you to pass on efficiencies to your clients.

Content Creators

  • Create high-impact Flash content for less
  • Simplify and speed the creation of Flash content for, eLearning, sales presentations, electronic brochures, websites, event marquees, corporate kiosks, and more
  • Empower clients to collaborate, edit and reuse your projects
  • Publish and track activity so you can learn how employees, customers, investors, and prospects are consuming your content with the Flypaper Dashboard

How It Works

Create Flash content faster than ever. Pass savings and power onto your clients. Grow your business.

The Flypaper platform was specifically designed to simplify and speed the creation of interactive content for developers.

Create flash content faster than ever

  • Create a Flash project Create a Flash project.Get creative. Design content however you want. Projects no longer need to be limited by time, budget or capability – anything is possible.
  • Bring it into Flypaper. Bring it into Flypaper. Use the component SDK to build Flash elements into the Flypaper Platform where they can be edited and reused. You determine what elements clients can edit and importing is easy.
  • Pass it on. Pass it on. Give clients a demo on how to edit the project in Flypaper. They may not need to know every feature, but a quick tour on edits, publishing and tracking viewer activity will get them moving, and get you onto the next project.
  • Turn more projects, make more money. Turn more projects, make more money. Creating with Flypaper is faster and easier than ever. You get more projects done, clients enjoy quicker results without sacrificing quality. Everyone can edit and reuse. More ROI for clients equals more projects for you.
  • Leave the support to us… if you want. Leave the support to us… if you want. You may be proficient enough to offer clients support, but there’s comfort knowing our expert development team is here if you need them. You or your clients can reach us via email at, and everyone gets regular product updates, complete help files and other support resources to make every project a success from start to finish.

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