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Flypaper for Marketing & Sales

Here's How Flypaper Can Help:

  • Use Flypaper Creator to create top quality content fast
  • Create animated/interactive content for delivery from your website or for Sales use
  • Output for hosting on your servers or ours, or choose from many other output options

Empower your Sales force with content that delivers results:

  • Use Flypaper Creator to create online brochures, warm-call follow-ups and much more
  • Protect your branding by locking elements
  • Equip your sales team with the Web Editor to make simple but effective changes, such as
    • Targeted text, e.g. "Thanks Dave for taking the time..."
    • Recording and including quick audio or video greetings
  • The salesperson sends the prospect a link to the customized content and sees in the Dashboard
    • What path did they take through the content, and how much time did they spend on each page?
    • Did they return a second time? A third? Where did they focus their attention?
    • The sales person learns who's really a prospect, and where their interest is

How does Flypaper help me create content fast?

  • Start with top-quality Flypaper templates
  • Drag-and-drop to replace images, video and audio
  • Customize any page, change any element, add and subtract elements
  • Enhance your page with additional animation or interactivity
  • Save any page as a new template for your own re-use - build your own library!
  • Use simple but powerful components to do what only programmers could do before

Plus, with the Pro Edition:

  • Share templates, media assets, components and more
  • Track your content to verify when and where it plays
  • Store your content on our servers

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