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Why Partner with Flypaper

Earn more revenue. Build your business. Increase your exposure.

If you’re ready to grow your business, increase your top line revenue and your gross profit, then check out all the Flypaper Platform has to offer. Flypaper is a software organization that relies exclusively on Flypaper Partners to provide creative, consulting, implementation, integration and other professional services to Flypaper customers. In addition, Flypaper pays you a commission on all Flypaper products purchased by your clients—regardless if they are new, existing or referred to you by Flypaper.

Flypaper Partners

What is a Flypaper Partner?

Flypaper Partners are authorized businesses who provide creative, design, production and other professional services to organizations using Flypaper. Flypaper users are asking for service providers to produce a variety of rich-media, interactive content for web for marketing, presentations, and training purposes. In addition, users are requesting marketing, Web, IT integration or implementation services for deploying a Flypaper-based solution in their organization.

Are you interested in earning more revenue and increasing your exposure and value to current and prospective clients?

If your answer is "yes", maybe you should think about becoming a Flypaper Partner! Click the button above for more information.


Build your business. Grow revenue.

Flypaper helps you increase top line revenue while saving your clients time and money. By leveraging the Flypaper Platform to create, share, edit and track high-impact Flash content, you can increase your exposure, turn projects quicker and add profit along the way.

Grow Your Business

  • Receive a commission or referral fee for reselling Flypaper licenses
  • Build your business with new project and sales opportunities referred to you by Flypaper
  • Remain profitable in the face of clients’ shrinking budgets, shorter production schedules and tighter deadlines by building Flash content in less time and at a lower cost without sacrificing quality
  • Connect with other Flypaper experts through online forums, regular meetings, Flypaper Producer networking and conferences

Become the hero with Flypaper.

Flypaper lets you be more creative and efficient than ever before so you can pass on those benefits to your customers. Let your company become the hero by getting every project on the ‘to-do’ list done, on time and under budget – using the Flypaper platform. Best of all, you build loyalty and trust by empowering customers to manage edits and basic maintenance themselves so they can get the most from each and every project.

Become the Hero

  • Become the hero by making your organization a trusted partner in creating and managing Flash content
  • Build a brand image of exceptional design and rapid development
  • Grow your business while making your clients look great

Make your job easier. Create more revenue. Be more competitive.

Leveraging the Flypaper platform as part of your own workflow helps you more effectively compete and win clients in a crowded marketplace. Deliver compelling content before the competition. Be more nimble and efficient by reusing and repurposing content to save production time and expense. Now your clients can get every project done, and even add to the list, to leverage interactive content like never before.

Be more competitive

  • Speed the production of Flash projects to save time and money without sacrificing quality
  • Become more competitive with easy editing and reuse compared to traditional authoring tools
  • Reuse and repurpose Flash content without touching programming code –saving hundreds of hours over time
  • Eliminate design limitations – anything you can create in Flash can be imported into Flypaper and you control what can be edited
  • Avoid project delays and scope creep with built in real-time collaboration, revision tracking and approval management

Collaborate, share and reuse your digital assets across the aisle, throughout your company and with clients and customers.

Flypaper’s enterprise repository is a central location where all your company’s or client's digital assets can be stored, shared, collaborated on, edited and reused – allowing your team to work together more efficiently than ever before. The collaboration feature empowers project teams review and your clients to jointly review content while maintaining a complete history of comments and approvals. This real-time and offline feature saves time and resources for projects of all sizes by putting an end to long and repetitive edit, review and revision cycles.

 Enterprise Repository

  • Manage, edit, share, collaborate on and distribute Flash assets across an organization from a central repository
  • Avoid version control challenges by hosting current content in a single location
  • Don't worry about where to put everything. Store projects and assets in a hosted Flypaper repository
  • Collaborate in real-time or offline with internal teams and external clients on projects to efficiently review, edit and manage approvals and changes

Flypaper reduces your production overhead

Lower your cost of Flash development with Flypaper. Our unique platform lets you easily repurpose and reuse Flash elements to save time and money, and allows you to pass on efficiencies to your clients. Create once, tweak and reuse over and over without touching any code to get maximum mileage out of every component and project.

  • Create high-impact Flash content in less time that is easily repurposed across multiple client projects
  • Track viewer activity with the Flypaper Dashboard so you can advise clients how their customers, prospects, business partners, employees and investors are consuming their content
  • Empower clients to collaborate on, update and reuse projects you create - so you never have to do basic maintenance again


How It Works

Earn more revenue. Build your business. Become the hero.

The Flypaper platform was specifically designed to simplify and speed the creation of interactive content, enabling our partners to create powerful content at a fraction of the time and price compared to traditional development and authoring tools. Improved efficiency opens the door for new projects and greater revenue.

  • Sell it to your clients.Sell it to your clients.  Receive a commission when a client subscribes to the Flypaper Platform and every time they renew their annual subscription. Set up a demo and show clients the power of creating Flash content on the Flypaper platform. Let them see how you create, then collaborate with them to get the project on track early on. Then demonstrate how they can share, edit, reuse and track every project no matter where it’s published or how it’s used.
  • Create a Flash project.Create a Flash project. Get creative. Design content however you want. Projects no longer need to be limited by time, budget or capacity – now anything is possible.
  • Bring it into Flypaper.Bring it into Flypaper.  Use the Component SDK to build Flash elements into the Flypaper Platform so they can be edited and reused by other Flypaper users – including your clients. You determine what elements clients can edit and importing is quick and easy.
  • Turn more projects. Make more money. Complete more projects. Make more money. Creating with Flypaper is faster and easier than ever. You get more projects done while clients enjoy faster results without sacrificing quality. Everyone can collaborate, edit and reuse. Better ROI for clients means more projects for you and greater success for everyone.
  • Leave the support to us… if you want. Leave the support to us… if you want. You may be proficient enough to offer clients support, but there’s comfort knowing our expert development team is here if you need them. You or your clients can reach us via email at, and everyone gets regular product updates, complete help files and other support resources to make every project a success from start to finish.

Become a Flypaper Partner

If you are ready to win more business, increase your top line revenue and gross margin while saving your clients time and money – and even make them ‘heroes’ in their organization – then join our network of Flypaper Partners. Become a Flypaper Partner