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Answers to the most common support questions:

  1. Q: What is Flypaper?

    Flypaper™ is a Flash® content creation, management and delivery platform that allows businesses, agencies and developers to create, manage and deliver high-impact, interactive content for a fraction of the time and cost typically associated with such projects. Flash developers create programs and components and then import them into the Flypaper application so that other users can edit and repurpose the content without touching any programming code. Non-technical users can create content without using developers by starting with Flypaper Templates and pre-programmed Components to expedite the process. Additional features such as a repository for storing and sharing digital assets, the ability to capture viewer data and track their activity through an online Dashboard, and additional storage space come with the Creator Pro version.

  2. Q: How does the free Flypaper trial work?

    Simply visit the Free Trial page and complete the inquiry form. Once you've completed the form you will be able to download the Flypaper installer.

  3. Q: Who should use Flypaper?

    Flypaper was specifically designed for interactive content creators, Flash developers and business users who want the ability to expedite Flash development, easily update and reuse Projects, capture viewer data, and track how content is being consumed.

  4. Q: What’s the difference between Flypaper Creator and Flypaper Creator Pro?

    Flypaper Creator is the base version of our content creation software. Flypaper Creator Pro includes additional features such as: the dashboard, content repository, additional components and support for premium components, such as the Flypaper Connect Package.

  5. Q: What is Flypaper Express?

    Flypaper Express is a PowerPoint Plug-in that enables people working in the familiar and ubiquitous Microsoft PowerPoint environment to create and output high-quality HD motion graphics video content in popular standard formats that can be used with any standards-based digital signage player or network. For more information about Flypaper Express, click here.

  6. Q: What is Flypaper Go?

    Flypaper Go is a complete, end-to-end digital signage solution. It offers options for content creation, content management and content delivery, all under the Flypaper umbrella. For more information on Flypaper Go,
    click here.

  7. Q: Can I run Flypaper CMS on my own server?

    Yes. There are no special infrastructure requirements to run Flypaper CMS.

  8. Q: Do you offer a free trial of Flypaper CMS?

    Yes. Click here for a 30-day free trial. 

  9. Q: Is my content secure in the Flypaper Cloud?

    Yes. Your content is very safe in the Flypaper cloud. We employ three layers of security to ensure your content is protected. Your privacy and security are very important to us.

  10. Q: What are the system requirements for the Flypaper software?

    To Install and build content with Flypaper:

    • Windows 8, 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP (Service Pack 2 and above)
    • Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz or higher
    • 4 gigabytes (GB) of RAM
    • Adobe Flash Player version or later (included)
    • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 (*install .NET before installing Flypaper*)

    View Flypaper Projects using these Web browsers with the Adobe Flash plug-in, version or later:

    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
    • Firefox 2.0 or higher
    • Safari 2.0 or higher
    • Google Chrome
    • Opera
  11. Q: How do I purchase Flypaper?

    You can purchase Flypaper for a single user or for multiple users through one of our Certified Resellers. Simply click here to be put in touch with the Reseller nearest you. Be sure to include your name, contact information, company name and product of interest.  If you have a recent trial version, the templates and user data that you created will continue to work with your purchased platform. You will automatically receive product updates as well as maintenance and timely product support during any year in which you have an active license.

  12. Q: How can I get support if I have a problem?

    Send an e-mail from our contact support page or visit our user forums for more tips and up-to-date information. Answers from our support team are typically sent within two hours when support is open, and within one day if after hours. To view basic user guide information, you can also view Help files from within the application.

  13. Q: How can I get help creating content for my company?

    Flypaper’s Flying Start program offers several service packages to get companies up and running with professionally designed content. The programs also use that content to train you how to use, modify and get the most from Flypaper. Click here for more information.

  14. Q: What is a Flypaper Project?

    A “Project” is the document file that Flypaper creates when building content using the Flypaper Creator application. You’re telling an interactive, multimedia story, regardless of how you use the output. Post it on your blog or share it on the Web, or publish as a movie and post on YouTube, MySpace, Facebook or any Web site. Projects may have many files associated with them such as video, music, images and more.

  15. Q: What is a Flypaper Template?

    A Flypaper Template is a Page that can be saved, shared and reused in the Flypaper application to create your Project. Flypaper Templates aren’t just simple “place your text here” examples as in other applications. Flypaper Templates are fully customizable, pre-programmed, professionally designed Pages that contain media (images, video, audio), animations, timing, interactions and other elements that you can edit, resave and publish as a new file. Professionally designed Templates are accessible from the Flybrary directly within the Creator application and can be endlessly modified, saved, shared and re-used. Create your own Templates to reuse and share to save time and money, and to get a true return and value out of every project investment.

  16. Q: What is a Flypaper Component?

    A Flypaper Component is a pre-programmed element that provides media, text, interaction, effects and other capabilities on a Page. Flypaper Components provide the functional elements that make up Templates in Flypaper. Simply drag a Component to your Page and modify options and settings from the Properties tab. You have complete control over the Page with a few clicks – no programming required.

  17. Q: What media files are supported by Flypaper?

    You can import:

    • Pictures: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp, ,gif, .psd
    • Videos: .avi, .flv, .mov, .mp4, .mpg, .mpeg, .wmv, .ogg
    • Audio files: .mp3*
    • Adobe® Flash® Animations: .swf (Flash 9, ActionScript 3 recommended)
  18. Q: Can I convert presentations from Microsoft PowerPoint to Flypaper?

    Yes! Flypaper includes basic PowerPoint conversion of text and other elements into new Pages in Flypaper. Make static PowerPoint presentations come alive by converting them into Flypaper. Then add rich media and interactive elements to the existing text and graphics. You can use all of the other standard features that come with the Creator or Creator Pro editions.

  19. Q: Is there a way to see who is viewing my Projects?

    The Flypaper Creator Pro edition includes the Dashboard which provides an interactive reporting console that lets users track the Projects they publish to know who's viewing, how often, what Pages they have visited and how much time they spend on each Page. The Dashboard tracks viewer data no matter where the content is published -- on a blog, social media site or other Web site. Flypaper also lets you create form pages where you can collect viewer data that is sent to the content author via email. This viewer intelligence helps you to prioritize your hottest leads, customize follow-up contact, and improve your messaging and offers.

  20. Q: What kind of Web files are created with Flypaper?

    Flypaper creates standard Web-ready content that will play in any browser enabled with the Flash plug-in (version 9,0,47,0 or higher). Under the hood, it’s not a single Flash .swf file, it’s a set of files that include HTML pages, Flash files, XML and standard Web resource files (images, audio, videos, etc.).

  21. Q: Will the Flypaper content play on mobile devices or the iPhone?

    Flypaper output can be played on any mobile device that has a browser enabled to play Flash content.

  22. Q: Does Flypaper work on a Macintosh?

    Flypaper does not currently have a Macintosh version. We know it’s not the same as a Macintosh application, but many users are running Flypaper on their Macintosh with Windows using Parallels Desktop, Apple Boot Camp or VMware Fusion virtual machine software. Please note: Macintosh users intending to employ Flypaper in this way should be certain to allocate enough RAM for both Flypaper and the virtual operating system.

  23. Q: Can I create SCORM-conformant courses using Flypaper?

    Yes. Flypaper supports publishing any Flypaper Project as a SCORM 1.2 conformant course, including scoring to objectives.

  24. Q: What is the Flypaper Marketplace?

    The Flypaper Marketplace is an online site where Flypaper users can upload and download Projects and Templates for sharing with other developers. In addition, users can post their published Projects to the Marketplace so that they can be viewed by anyone with an Internet connection. The Flypaper Marketplace is available to all current Flypaper users.

  25. Q: Can Flypaper integrate Adobe Flash content?

    Yes, it can. You can bring content you create in Flash and Captivate directly into Flypaper and then use Flypaper to extend it. Click here to learn more.

  26. Q: Which version of Adobe Flash Player do you recommend for viewing published Projects?

    Flypaper Studios recommends that developers who publish their Projects as Adobe Flash outputs (Single SWF, Full-screen Presentation, eLearning course, and Web Project) should upgrade their digital signage and end-user systems to Adobe Flash 10.3 to take advantage of Flash's improved memory management.

  27. Q: How do I become a Flypaper reseller?

    Visit the Partner Reseller page for more details and use the contact form to request further information.

  28. Q: Still have other questions?

    If you have more questions, don't hesitate to submit an inquiry, and one of our 'fly' staff will get back to you quickly.