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Flypaper Express

Create Terrific HD Motion Graphics Digital Signage in PowerPoint

Flypaper Express

The cool thing about PowerPoint is that everyone has it. And pretty much everyone knows how to use it.

The bad thing about PowerPoint? It’s really bad at creating digital signage content. Well, that is, UNTIL NOW!

NEW! Flypaper Express Solves the Problem

Flypaper Express

You get to work right in PowerPoint, but Flypaper Express overcomes PowerPoint's limitations:

  • No more stretched or squeezed images!
  • No more horizontal or vertical banding!
  • No more pixelation or ugly squares!
  • No more PowerPoint output that won’t run - Output as HD video or Flash!
  • Compatible with all standard digital signage players and content management systems!
  • Choose from 10 gorgeous, professionally designed templates and 150 layouts to get started!

What’s the bottom line? Flypaper Express ensures that what you see in PowerPoint is what you will see on your digital sign.

Click here for a free trial. Or, buy now if you can't wait to get started!

Requires PowerPoint 2007 or newer for Windows.