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The Flypaper Family

Incredible Content. Incredibly Easy.

That’s what the Flypaper Family of products is all about. Regardless of your skill level we have something for you.

Flypaper Express Brand new to content creation? Flypaper Express is a great way to start.


Flypaper Have some experience creating content and looking for more? Or need to create interactive content? Flypaper Creator is for you.


Flypaper Pro Want to work more effectively with a group or with your clients? Or want powerful analytics on how your content is really being used? Check out Flypaper Creator Pro.


Regardless of which Flypaper product you pick, you'll be choosing the best-in-breed content creation product in its class. And you can be confident that the content you create will work with any standard digital signage player or content management system. So your content can move with you as your needs change over time.