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Flypaper Creator Pro

Let Flypaper Creator Pro Help You Work Together

Flypaper Pro

Flypaper Digital Signage Edition is the perfect solution for creating high-quality HD motion graphics and interactive content. And if you work alone it may be all you need. But if you work as part of a group, or you want to be able to empower customers as part of the creative process Flypaper Creator Pro is the solution for you.

With the Flypaper Creator Pro Edition

  • Share templates, media assets, components and more
  • Store your content on our servers

Also Included: Know How Your Content Is Being Used With Flypaper Analytics

  • Track your interactive content to see when and where it plays
  • Use the Flypaper Dashboard or feed Google Analytics
  • Turn on tracking on a project-by-project basis
For a free trial, download the free trial of Flypaper Creator Pro. For more information or to see a live product demonstration, please phone your sales representative at 1-877-929-0188