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Partner Webinars and Product Demonstrations

Explore Flypaper CMS

Join us for the first in a series of how-to webinars focused on Flypaper CMS. Explore its features and find out how easy scheduling and managing your digital content can be.

Complete, Scalable Digital Signage Solutions from Flypaper and Seneca

Listen in to learn how Flypaper's content creation software products seamlessly integrate with Seneca media players to fit your exact needs on any sized project.

The State of Digital Signage

Lyle Bunn, digital signage analyst, advisor and educator, discusses the future of digital signage. Despite an estimated 20 million digital displays currently operating in North America and another 2 million being added annually, there are changes occurring in the supply, validation, use and operations of digital signage.

Save Time by Building Content with Flypaper Templates

Discover how they can help you save time and effort. You’ll learn how; Flypaper templates work, leverage templates to reduce your design time and create and manage your own custom templates.

Integrated Digital Signage Solutions From Flypaper & AVAD

Find out how Flypaper’s software and AVAD’s access to the industry’s top products and services can combine to deliver top-notch, end-to-end digital signage solutions. From content and scheduling to displays and hardware, Flypaper and AVAD have it covered.

Build Wireframe Prototypes for Quick & Easy Project Visualization & Sharing

Learn more about Flypaper’s Wireframe Prototypes. Discover how they can help you save time and effort. You’ll learn how to; Quickly develop prototypes to share with clients, save time by building those prototypes into a final project and avoid pitfalls by visualizing your content before doing any design work.

Introducing Flypaper Go

Discover how this complete end-to-end digital signage solution can make it simple to create, manage, schedule and deliver all your digital content.

Understanding the Flypaper Timeline

Learn more about the features and benefits of the Flypaper Timeline. Discover how the Timeline makes it easy to adjust the timing of each element in your project.

Introducing the New Flypaper CMS

Flypaper Studio, Inc. is thrilled to introduce new Flypaper CMS. Now, in addition to our leading content creation software, Flypaper offers an easy way to schedule, manage and monitor your entire network of screens from a single location.

Digital Menu Boards from Flypaper & Philips

Find out how you can create engaging digital menu boards with Flypaper and deliver it to your audience on attractive Philips Signage Displays. Combine Flypaper content creation software and Philips Signage Displays for a complete digital menu board solution.

Create Dynamic Digital Displays with Flypaper & Zivelo

Find out how you can create engaging digital content and deliver it to your audience on attractive, self-service kiosks. Combine Flypaper content creation software and Zivelo kiosks for a complete digital signage solution.

Flypaper Tips & Tricks

Discover how Flypaper experts get it done! Learn their favorite tips & tricks for creating engaging, interactive digital displays using Flypaper content creation software.

Add Dynamic Charting to Your Digital Displays

Just released last month, the Charting component offers a variety of chart types and the ability to make dynamic updates. Your digital displays will always reflect the most current information in a clean and impactful user-friendly design!

Spice Up Your Digital Signage with New QR Code Components

Tune in to this week’s free webinar and discover how to increase user engagement and provide additional information by adding QR Codes to your digital displays.

Maximizing the Project Map in Flypaper

Learn how to utilize all its features, including how to: set up auto-playing and interactive content, combine multiple projects into one and save a single project into multiple files!

Add Life to Your Digital Signage Display with Animations

Don’t miss this week’s free webinar to learn how to use the Animation component in Flypaper™ to add more complex and interactive animations to your digital signage projects. You’ll discover how to attach and time page elements to animation paths for a variety of effects and movement.

Capture User Inputted Data with Form Components

Explore the Form Components within Flypaper™ to create stunning digital signage while easily capturing user data.

Get the Most Out of New Text Features in Flypaper 3.8

Discover how you can use the new Text features available in Flypaper™ 3.8 to create eye-catching digital signage displays.

Using Customized Components to Create One of a Kind Digital Signage

Discover how you can customize components in your next digital signage project with Flypaper’s Component Development Services. In this FREE webinar, see how Flypaper helped one organization develop components for their specific needs to build the perfect digital signage display.

Integrate Photoshop PSD Files into Flypaper

Uncover how to save time and easily integrate your Adobe Photoshop PSD files directly into Flypaper™ projects with one, easy import.

Share Up to Date Content Using Flypaper Connect for CSV

Discover how to connect data and information from a simple spreadsheet to your digital signage displays without republishing your Flypaper™ project using Flypaper Connect for CSV (Comma Separated Values).

Digital Signage Success with an Easy, All-in-One Solution

Learn how to efficiently and affordably dreate manage and maintain complete igital signage applications with ease. Discover how to craft attention-grabbing content with Flypaper Express and share it with your audience.

Easily Create an Interactive Digital Signage Solution

Learn how to use Flypaper™ and Horizon Display for an incredibly easy, incredibly affordable digital signage solution.

Update Event Information Using Flypaper Connect for Google Calendar

The brand new Flypaper™ Connect for Google Calendar component empowers Flypaper users to easily take information stored in a Google Calendar and deliver it instantly to digital displays.

Create & Manage Dynamic Digital Content

Learn how to create engaging and dynamic digital signage content and easily deliver it to your audience in this FREE webinar. Discover how to use Flypaper content creation software and the Scala content management system together for a simple digital signage solution.

Get the Most Out of RSS Feeds

Learn how to keep your digital signage content fresh with up-to-the-minute news and the latest information with Flypaper RSS components.

All-in-One Solution for Digital Signage Success

Discover how easy it is to efficiently and affordably create, manage and maintain full-fledged digital signage applications. Learn how to create eye-catching content with Flypaper Express and deliver it to your audience using the Philips Q Series Edge-lit LED display with simple USB playback.

Animation and Movement Effects

Make your digital signage content dazzle and discover how to use animation and movement effects in this free webinar.

Digital Signage Solutions Made Easy

Learn how to use Flypaper™ and Signagelive for an incredibly easy, incredibly affordable digital signage solution.

Tools & Techniques for Interactive Project Navigation

Discover how to build navigation into your next interactive digital signage project in this free webinar using Flypaper™.

Optimizing Your Published Content

Learn how to optimize your Flypaper™ projects for easier and faster building and smooth playback.

Using Shapes and Textures to Enhance Digital Signage

Capture your audience’s attention and shake up your digital signage projects with eye‑catching shapes and textures.

Tips & Tricks for Digital Signage Success

Learn how to use Flypaper and DisplayIt! from Best Wave for an incredibly easy, incredibly affordable digital signage solution.

Driving Dynamic Content from Google Docs with Flypaper Connect

Discover how to easily keep your digital signage content current and fresh using data stored in a Google Spreadsheet. Learn how to drive dynamic and data-driven content using the power of Flypaper Connect.

Build Eye-Catching and Engaging Menu Boards

Whether you are designing content for a quick-serve diner or a four-star restaurant, learn how to create appealing digital signage menu boards in this FREE webinar.

Digital Signage as Simple as 1, 2, 3

Discover how to use Flypaper content creation software and Rise Vision content management system for a simple solution to your digital signage needs in this FREE webinar.

Build Digital Signage Boards for your Business

Learn how to easily create stunning digital signage content for small businesses and beyond in this FREE webinar. Discover how to add sustenance and pizazz to displays by using Flypaper™

Create a World of Digital Signage Interactivity

Discover exclusive tips and tricks for creating effective digital signage content and harnessing innovative touchscreen technology to create a world of digital signage interactivity using Flypaper and Elo.

How to: Beyond Static Images

Learn how to get the most out of using images for your digital signage network by adding effects, dressing up the images themselves, adding interactives and building dynamic image galleries.

Introducing the Flypaper Flying Start Program

Flypaper Flying Start content packages reduce the time it takes to show great looking content on your digital signage, kiosk or POS network. Get one-on-one VIP service to jump-start your content development.

Set Yourself up for Digital Signage Success - Flypaper NEC

Tune in to uncover exclusive tips, tricks and resources for digital signage content creation and scheduling success. From the initial digital signage content conception to scheduling the final version in your cms, discover how to leverage Flypaper Express and NEC CMS together to take your digital signage workflow to new levels.

Making Digital Signage Easy

From creating engaging content with Flypaper to multi-screen deployment with MediaSignage, we have you covered. Check out our FREE webinar to see how our products work together to make your digital signage work flow easier than ever!