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I have to say this product is really great for rapid Flash content development.  Anyone can create compelling, high-quality content regardless of their technical skill level or creative expertise... There are currently no other products on the market quite like Flypaper.

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Maurice Doran
Digital Signage Consulting

On a scale of 1 to 10, Flypaper is a 9.5. I love it because of its simplicity - I am quickly able to see the fruits of my labor. 

Mark Palmer

Flypaper enabled us to deliver a Flash project in 1 week which would normally have taken us at least 6 weeks using a traditional custom development approach. Fresh Perspectives completed a 90+ page interactive Flash project for a client in one week using Flypaper; without Flypaper, we could not have meet the client’s schedule and requirements. Flypaper really allowed us to perform under pressure and deliver an excellent final product to a happy client. There's no question that Flypaper will be our first tool over traditional approaches for future projects.

Matthew Gross
Fresh Perspective

The Flypaper website is a great resource for training, product tips and getting answers from support and other users.

Brian Wingerd

Flypaper gives me a creative, engaging way to set my products apart and create a presentation my prospects will definitely remember.

Brian Wingerd

After using PowerPoint for many years, Flypaper is the first thing I saw that was truly different. It took about a week to really learn, but the time and effort was definitely worth it to help me differentiate myself from the competition.

Brian Wingerd

Flypaper is easy to learn and very intuitive – it only took me a few hours to create my first Story that really impressed our prospects. Similar projects in the past were very expensive, and took at least a month or more to produce.

Mike Garland
DataPreserve, Inc.

Anyone who can learn how to create basic animation in PowerPoint can learn Flypaper.

Mike Garland
DataPreserve, Inc.

Flypaper is easy to learn, yet you don’t sacrifice quality – anyone can create high-end, professional quality content for the Web.

John Riccardi
Marketing Consultant

What’s great is that normal people get it, you don’t have to be a designer to understand how to use it.

John Riccardi
Marketing Consultant

It appeals to people across the board from basic to advanced users. Users with basic skills in computers and presentation software can create impressive, interactive stories.

Lucy Barrow

Flypaper is the only software product that I would describe as collaborative because of how people are able to share best practicies and leverage what others have done as a starting point.

Tim McMahon
Catalyst Performance Learning

I can offer a very high-end product at a lower cost without sacrificing quality or aesthetics, which opens up a lot of opportunities for consultants such as myself.

Mark Palmer

Flypaper allows my clients to feel empowered knowing they can make minor changes to the content I create and bring it in-house if needed. My clients’ content is not held hostage, and Flypaper offers me flexibility in my business model because clients have options on how we work together, which goes a long way in building trust.

Mark Palmer

What I like most about Flypaper is speed. I go from zero to concept in the fastest time. I’ve put together some fairly complex presentations that would have taken me 4x as long to accomplish in Flash.

Derrick Bell

Flypaper enables me to put together a more professional presentation than PowerPoint and offers more delivery options. I can use the same Flypaper Story for a live client presentation and then by quickly adding some narration, have a Web enabled or email ready presentation that I can share with everyone.

Steve Kneivel
Awareness Video

We got a standing ovation from our audience after showing off the Flypaper CD. In previous years it was just a boring PDF.

Linda Hines
WI Indianhead Tech College

Flypaper’s very easy to use, and I’m able to create things much faster than with other tools. Its output looks really good! This looks as good as something produced with Flash, except it's easy to maintain. I was able to get up to speed quickly, and I love using the templates as a starting point or to get ideas, and then customizing them for my own needs.

Andrew Kay
Convergent Performance

I wanted a way to incorporate Flash media in the social marketing we do on blogs. I don't know Flash, but with Flypaper I can create what I need myself, saving hundreds of dollars over custom Flash development.  Now I can do in minutes what I could never do at all before.

Tom Deeter
Personal Social Solutions

I love the Flybrary and the amount of stuff it will access. It’s incredibly easy to find pictures, videos and most anything you are really looking for. It’s great that you can re-use Templates and Stories.

Mike Robertson
Catalyst Learning

Support was awesome!  I was really impressed with the response time for my questions and with the product itself.  The learning curve wasn't any harder than when I learned to use PowerPoint and the application is much more powerful.

Laurel Knight

I've never received such great personal attention from any other website!

Richard Williams
Peach State Ambulance

Flypaper lets me take control of my interactive content without having to go to developers every time my internal clients want a change. I can track what offers and messages are working, and help the sales team identify the hottest leads and know how to personalize their follow up. And I can finally attach a measurable ROI to every project, and reuse content to save time and money on other campaigns.

Kim Halmekangas
DNA Marketing

Flypaper is a great piece of software because it allows me to meet tight deadlines. My experience with corporate clients is that they want their projects done very quickly due to limited budgets and tight schedules. My clients cannot wait 6 months for me to build something in Flash. With Flypaper I can get it done professionally in 2 to 4 weeks, using the many templates available.

Wayne Pascall
Pascall Creations

Flypaper has added another dimension to our business. Flash is now fun again as Flypaper takes care of all the plumbing for us allowing us to just focus on the creativity.

Chris Drake